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15 New Can Do Home Date Night Activities

Whether it’s a night at the movies or a delicious dinner at your favourite restaurant, going out on a date is a great excuse to get dressed up and do a little romancing. But making special memories together doesn’t always have to involve leaving the house. A date night at home presents plenty of opportunities to have fun. Take your pick from one or more of these 15 at-home date night ideas, and spend a cosy evening together in the comfort of home.

  1. Give yourselves the spa treatment

Enjoy the relaxing, calming feeling of going to a spa — without going to a spa. Indulge in a warm, candlelit bubble bath, and play your favourite calming sounds. Small tub? No problem. Pour a couple of cocktails, or make a batch of hot cocoa, and do a couple’s facial mask while simultaneously soaking your feet. Go the full hog and add some essential oils and then relax and de-stress while sipping your drinks. After the foot soak, continue with the spa treatment with a pedicure and foot massage – if not your thing it is then time to snuggle up for some serious binge-watching. Have a spa day at least once a month to keep that couple’s self-care momentum going.

  1. Whip up some true love in the kitchen

    Whether you’re great at cooking or new to crafting gourmet treats, enrol in a virtual cooking class together for a fun date night at home. The special ingredient to make this activity work, you’re both must be interested in learning the culinary likes and dislikes and being open to trying out new meals for dinner or delving straight into creating your heavenly dessert masterpiece. The lastest kitchen fab is chocolate making which letting your imagination go wild can led to an adventurous outcome. So turn up the flame, and cook up some magic together while you master new culinary skills.

    1. Have a romantic dinner in your favourite city — at home 

    Even if you can’t visit the City of Lights, you can recreate Parisian magic at home. Have a city-themed dinner cantered around one of your favourite destinations. From Lisbon to London or Cairo to Stockholm, every city has its own flavours and vibe. Find recipes specific to the region and plan a romantic dinner. Create a playlist of the area’s sounds — salsa, reggae, polka, opera — and decorate the table with something reminiscent of the place, like seashells, fresh flowers, or a bowl of exotic fruit. Pull up an eye-popping view of the city on your laptop, set it on the table, and pretend like it’s a window. So romantic.

    1. Picnic in the living room

    You don’t have to go to the park to enjoy a picnic with your favourite date. Why not a candlelight picnic in the lounge room. Spread out your favourite quilt on the floor — move some furniture back if you need to make room. Prepare a picnic basket with a smorgasbord of your favourite delights: Cured meats, stinky cheeses, briny olives, roasted almonds, dates, grapes, peaches — whatever you enjoy. Get comfy, open a bottle of wine, and press play of your Spotify playlist. Enjoy the vista out the living room window as you engage in stimulating conversation and nosh on exotic snacks — all without stepping foot outside.

    1. Watch a movie under the stars

    If you’re both movie people, why not have a backyard movie night? Re-watch the first movie you ever saw together or decide on a news release that you’re both excited to see. If you don’t have a projector and a screen, hoist a large, white sheet on a wall or fence, and rent or buy a projector. Another option is to relocate your monster TV outside on the deck. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and fill your pockets with lollies to make the experience as authentic as possible. Get comfortable on the patio loungers or bring some big pillows outside to lounge on, and enjoy your very own, private outdoor showing.

    1. Put a puzzle together…together 

    One way to stimulate conversation and enjoy each other’s company is to have a fun puzzle night. Grab a jigsaw puzzle depicting your favourite person, place, or thing, and spend some quality time together creating something you’ll be proud of when that last piece goes in. If you want to make things competitive, get a couple of smaller puzzles, and race to see who can put their puzzle together first. Serve a tray of snacks that won’t leave you with sticky or greasy fingers, and keep the cocktails or mocktails flowing.

    1. Master a new dance with an online class or tutorial

      If you’re feeling bold, why not try something completely new and sign up for a virtual dance class or find a dance tutorial online — cue it up, and learn a new dance or two. Even if you don’t consider yourself a good dancer, you’ll have a good time grooving to the music and laughing when you step on each other’s feet. You might even discover a hidden talent or unexpected enjoyment in dancing — opening up a whole new world of things to do on date night.

      1. Ponder the stars and the meaning of it all 

      Contemplate the vastness of the universe together at home with a backyard stargazing date. If the weather is nice, lay on a blanket in the back yard, on the deck and if your lucky a balcony, and look up towards the night sky. There are many well-known constellations to find, as well as many shooting stars — be sure to make a wish!  If you have a telescope, get up close and personal with the planets, and marvel at their perfection. If it is cold outside, cosy up together under blankets — bring a thermos of cocoa or coffee along to keep you warm. If staying inside is your thingy, you can stargaze indoors using an app that helps you locate each planet and constellation. There is nothing quite as romantic as stargazing, and this is a fun, affordable date night idea you will both enjoy.

      1. Have a homemade-pizza party 

      Have a romantic pizza party date at home — but make your pizzas from scratch. It’s easy to make your pizza crust, and from there, the only limits are your imagination. Toppings, Toppings, and more Toppings must be ready to go — including your top 3-pizza combination… is it the Aussie, Pepperoni, Margherita, or “one with the lot”. Why not go outside your comfort zone and try an Octopus, Avocado and Honeyed-Ham pizza or an Almond-Citrus Seafood pizza? After making your selection, include a simple side salad, crack open a bottle of red, and turn on your playlist. Bonus points if you have a red checkerboard tablecloth and red candle holders.

      1. Get your (video) game on

      For gaming couples, a competitive video game tournament is an engaging way to have some at-home date night fun. Ask your friends to join online for a bigger tournament that involves stakes like dinner out or a week of lawn mowing services. Whether you play against each other or work as a team to defeat your friends, it will be a raucous, rollicking time, so fuel up with tasty, mess-free snacks that you can eat fast between plays — think cheese or sausages on toothpicks, grapes, pretzels, and baby carrots with dip.

      1. Concoct your own cocktails 

      Get creative with the spirits and try out some new cocktails for date night at home. If you have a home bar, take stock to see what you have on hand and what you’ll need to pick up at the store. Look for interesting recipes that sound good, or learn how to make the classics, like martinis, cosmopolitans, and old-fashioned favourites Have plenty to nibble on as you shake and stir — simple snacks like nuts, pretzels, and popcorn keep it casual, while more elaborate hors d’oeuvres like baked brie and apricot jam, garlic- or jalapeno-stuffed olives, or old-fashioned fondue give date night a more romantic edge.

      1. Have a breakfast date — for dinner 

        Breakfast in bed is romantic but eating breakfast for dinner — in or out of bed — is also an awesome way to enjoy this classic meal. Instead of the standard dinnertime fare, cook up a mess of bacon, eggs, and toast, or get a little fancier with homemade crepes, pancakes, or French toast filled with fruit. If you’d rather stay out of the kitchen on date night, pick up some croissants and other pastries from your local bakery, or have a delivery service bring you breakfast from your favourite all-night diner. Now, remember to skip the coffee but not the freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice.

        1. Hold an at-home beer or wine tasting

        Beer and wine lovers tend to enjoy trying new offerings. Head to your local supermarket — the one with the incredible spirits department — and get a couple of mix-and-match six-packs of beer or a few different wines to try. Read up a little on the qualities of beer and wine, and see if you can pick out certain “notes” or flavours. Why not score each other selection and compare notes and decide which selection was the number one!. Choose a selection of snacks that pair well with what you’re drinking.

        1. Make beautiful music together with a karaoke machine 

        If you like to belt out your favourite tunes in the shower and the car, an at-home karaoke date night is probably right up your alley. What no Karaoke machine!… search for “hire karaoke machine” and bam – this barrier is no longer. If can go to another level by having a stage and spotlight to add to the atmosphere – all the better and after each song, you gotta have the virtual crowd pumping out their support for you! Put on your rocker outfits, program a killer playlist — or put the machine on shuffle for a bigger challenge — and give it you’re all. Be sure to include a couple of romantic duets that you can sing while staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

        1. Take personality tests together

        Good be a dangerous activity but treat it as a fun and interesting way to get to know your partner better by taking personality tests together. Covering everything from love to what your spirit animal is and which popular cartoon character you are, these tests will give you new insight into your better half, and vice-versa. Choose a variety of tests and quizzes, including some fun and goofy ones and some that dive deeper into more complex aspects of your personalities. Whatever type of tests you choose to take, they’re highly entertaining and a very telling way to learn more about each other while spending quality time together at home.

        Stepping out on the town in your best attire is a fun way to enjoy a date night together, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to leave the house to be on a date. An at-home date is less expensive than dinner and a movie, and it gives you lots of opportunities to try something new together. From virtual cooking classes to stargazing in the back yard, at-home date night activities will create fond memories and bring you closer together.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical or mental health advice. If you or someone you know is in immediate distress or needs assistance, please reach out to a mental health professional or helpline in your country or state.

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