Five Reasons Relationship Connections are Important

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Five Reasons Relationship Connections are Emotionally Important

Five Reasons why making Real Relationship Connections are Emotionally Important.Meaningful and connected relationships… we all want and desire them!

The healthy relationship we have with other people is essential to our emotional well-being. A positive relationship shared between any two people who love, support, encourage, and help each other is practically and emotionally rewarding.

Genuine love in a relationship is when you are comfortable being with each other, and there is no pressure to act in a certain way. You can just be yourself with the comfort of knowing what the other person likes being with you without any hidden agenda.

Being in a relationship with unconditional love tends to make you a better person, which can cause a domino flow-on effect as you tend to put more effort into improving your connections with other relationships you have.

Healthy Relationships will fuel Inspiration

A real positive connected relationship can inspire you to become a better human being, to do more, and to follow the path of your dreams. In a new relationship you are more open to wanting to fit into your partners home, lifestyle and circumstances more readily.

The real sense of well-being can inspire you by acts of kindness and compassion while also finding your tolerance and mutual understanding levels are higher when conflict arises. This stimulation will give you the motivation to go through all adversity. By staying in these relationships, you can create the life of your dreams and celebrate your life’s milestones together.

“A meaningful and connected relationship can give you sense of purpose and direction.”

Relationships will build Self-Confidence

Genuine relationships will remind you that you are capable, competent, and courageous to do things you may normally not tackle. These types of relationship usually give you the feeling of being unique, you feel worthy and can boost your self-esteem. The connections you have can build your inner strength allowing you to shine without the need of seeking self-affirmation or reassurance. A real connected relationship will give you the self-confidence that makes you fall in self-love and will make you radiant, with confidence, certainty, and optimism.

Strong Relationships will give you Empathy

Empathy is the foundation of relationships, as without empathy the foundation walls can crumble and breakaway when tested. As an individual, we normally have different backgrounds, our personalities and habits have evolved based on our experiences. We also operate on different emotional levels and may even have different perspectives on life – empathy creates the bridge for us to make real connections, appreciate and be open and honest which will develop love and respect in all types of relationships.

“Being empathetic allows us insight into problems and helps us better understand each other better. Many people tend to ignore this quality but if you can, empathy can be the building block of a healthy, strong and connected relationship”

Perfect Relationship will improve your Emotional Intelligence

An ideal relationship will establish mental connections with feelings. Having a close relationship can have a drastic effect on your emotional intelligence. Once you gain it, you will have the ability to control your emotions. Emotional intelligence will help you in perceiving, understanding, managing, and using emotions. You will able to command emotions more empathically. The passionate, intelligent person knows love is a skill that has no defined boundaries. A person with high emotional intelligence is more acceptable to begin a journey of self-discovery. That support keeps you filled with a positive attitude towards your goals. A low emotional intelligence has a destabilising influence, creates a negative mindset, which can derail your motivation to succeed in life and can cause destructive relationships.

Healthy Relationship will become the ultimate Source of Happiness

A wrong relationship can crush you emotionally; the right relationship can be a personal game-changer. When you share time with someone special that person never seems to leave your subconscious. An intimate relationship can potentially evolve and can create large and lasting changes in our personality. This positive attitude and energy can give you a sense of pleasure; you live more happily, you become more tolerant, life in general takes on a new meaning and perspective – “you have achieved a unique mental health emotion of happiness and well-being.”… The ultimate happiness tick.

During your lifetime, you will meet and have relationships with many types of people from varied backgrounds and possibly challenging environments (think COVID). Each relationship connection is more likely going to be on a different level. Relationships you thought strong today may be gone in a few years. Even the ending of temporary relationships can cause you some distress.

However, real relationships show us how to love and be loved and who we want to be in life and who we don’t. Having a serious and trusting relationship offers us a platform to be our true selves. We must be open to meeting new people, while also constantly working at our existing relationship.

Why not try to become a person to inspire others?

The relationship comeback!

We all have personally experienced or know of someone whose relationship has gone south very quickly. The sudden demise of a relationship can cause your emotions to become over-sensitive and you can begin to withdraw, Friends and family will continually ask how you’re feeling, try to make you forgot and strive to make you happy again.

But sometimes the good well-meaning attempts of help and the extra attention simply doesn’t work because you are not ready to seek help about your relationship issues. Often, you would prefer to chill out and forget and spend some solitude in your own space.

These actions and emotions are OK but on occasions, you may struggle to comprehend what and where a relationship went wrong, you struggle trying to decouple from a toxic relationship of many years, you may even struggle reconnecting with future relationships due to being disheartened, scared or unsure of giving more than you receive, maybe your trust was taken advantage of… all these emotions are valid but if you find yourself alone, becoming bitter and disenchanted with who you are, then seeking help from a professional relationship psychologist should be considered.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical or mental health advice. If you or someone you know is in immediate distress or needs assistance, please reach out to a mental health professional or helpline in your country or state.

About the editor, Harshani Algiriya

I'm a Senior Counsellor with over 15-years of experience as a counsellor supporting clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. I treat Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Grief, Trauma and Parenting issues, with Relationships (marriage and individuals) being a special interest that I have a lot of passion working with. I use a range of treatment modalities based on the presenting issues and often uses them in combination to achieve the best result for my clients. Find out more about Harshani here.

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