Intersect Mentoring Programs

Promoting mutual learning to challenge and dynamise employees.

Celebrated hedge fund tycoon, investor and philanthropist George Soros noted;

“In today’s contemporary organisation, the experience of relationship has been replaced by the experience of transaction”

Counselling in Melbourne’s, Intersect Mentoring Program is a new approach to mentoring in the workplace. Its focus is about replacing the employee’s transactional experience by using and enhancing the organisations social capital (relationships).

Did you know 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring to their employees and employee retention increases over 25% for companies engaging in organisation mentoring’

We know corporate mentoring programs have been around for some time. However, when we think of mentoring programs, you may envision personally rewarding initiatives which organisations may currently lack the dollars to pay for in a tightened training budget. At worst, you may have experienced mentoring programs which ended up grooming your best and brightest talent for your competitors and drained your intellectual property?

But it’s time we rethink mentorships. Designed differently, they can empower your best and brightest talent to produce solutions that address business who are seeking a cost-effective way to deliver an organisational development intervention.

Counselling in Melbourne’s intersect mentoring program saves time and costs by leveraging internal employee resources to develop others by “creating two-way relationships that strengthen the horizontal and vertical connections essential for effective organisations development interventions.”

Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) interventions are the building blocks that are planned activities designed to improve the organisation’s functioning through the participation of the employees of the organisation.

Our Intersect Mentoring program can be used for single or multiple interventions and can be incorporated in our program to run simultaneously.

OD interventions can be varied and unique to the organisation, which makes our program exciting due to its flexibility and adaptability to meet your own organisational intervention needs.

The following are some OD intervention examples where the intersect mentoring program can be adapted to use:

  • Planning change
  • Team Building or Bonding
  • Creating New Paradigms
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communicating Organisation Vision
  • Organisational Cultural Change
  • Team Energy & Motivation
  • The HR Department

Who Reaps the Benefits?

There are three key stakeholders who are direct beneficiaries of participating in our intersect mentoring program, The Organisation, The Mentee and The Mentor.

Organisation Benefits
Mentor Benefits of Intersection Mentoring Programs
Mentee Benefits of Intersection Mentoring Programs
Organisations can thrive with Intersection Mentoring Programs

The overall ojective is every stakeholder is a winner and has direct tangible benfits, both personally and professionally through their particpation.

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Promoting mutual learning to challenge and dynamise employees.

Our Top 6 intersect mentoring program takeaways


The mentoring actions to achieve organisational outcomes are based on sound psychological theory and empirical research


The mentoring program is collaborative and bespoke; it is sufficiently flexible so that it can be successfully applied to a diverse range of organisational interventions


The program focus is on creating two-way internal relationships that strengthen the horizontal and vertical connections essential for an effective organisation


The matching of mentees and mentors is driven by different organisational departments.


Continuous reporting throughout the program means that the organisation can maintain confidence that progress toward measurable outcomes is constantly monitored and on track.


The supervision of the mental health monitoring of the mentees and mentors throughout the program is managed by an APS registered psychologist

The Next Step

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