Garry Thomson

Senior psychologist

B. Arts (Hons), M. Arts (Clin Psych)

Short term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with individuals, couples and families across a wide range of presenting problems.

Specific clinical interests include:

  • Developing skills and strategies to overcome short-term or longstanding anxiety
  • Managing the impact of a traumatic event on individuals. families and work groups.
  • Building individual resilience following significant change such as a serious illness, significant loss (e.g., grief), workplace change (including retrenchment and retirement) and separation.
  • Changing established habits and behaviors that damage relationships.
  • Implementing strategies to prevent and manage occupational burnout and achieve a more balanced and sustainable career.
  • Overcoming conflict with a supervisor or colleague in the workplace.
  • Working with Emergency Services personnel to manage common issues such as burnout, emotional depletion or disillusion with their occupation /conflict with their employer.
  • Assisting Leaders and Managers incorporate Emotional Intelligence and CBT-based management practices within their suite of managerial skills.

Consultancy Services to Employers

Specific interests include:

  • Reviewing the effectiveness (ROI) of incumbent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers and service delivery.
  • Providing advice on the detail and scope of EAP tender specifications and/or reviewing tender submissions.
  • Mentoring employee clinicians managing or providing psychological services from within an organisation.
  • Designing and/or reviewing policies and procedures governing employee wellbeing programs.
  • Designing and/or reviewing workplace wellbeing programs, ensuring their compatibility with employer obligations and initiatives that support employee wellbeing.
  • Supporting and advising Managers and Team Leaders responsible for overseeing mental health issues and/or delivering employee wellbeing programs in the workplace.

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