Harshani Algiriya

Masters in Counselling and Psychosocial Support

(MACA – Level 2)

Harshani is an experienced counsellor supporting clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. She uses cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational counselling, eclectic counselling, life coaching, family therapy, relationship counselling, integration counselling, person-centred therapy, and solution-focused brief counselling in her 15 years of service as a mental health practitioner. She has years of experience counselling clients who struggle with psychological and emotional trauma due to extraordinary stressful events in life.

Harshani has worked with young people as a school counsellor and with adult students in her career as a counsellor.

She is a potential person to support new migrants in their transitioning and adapting to the new culture. As a migrant, Harshani supports her clients to reach their career goals through career guidance and counselling by utilising her unique research and in-depth studies of settling in a new community.

Harshani is a mother of two adolescent children and continuously working on researching new skills to face challenges to support adolescents for their smooth transition into exciting social changes while preserving their values. In addition, she is supporting her clients to manage generational, cultural conflicts to reach their full potential with confidence.

Harshani works with:

  • Young children and Adolescents
  • Young and Older Adults
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships – individual and couple, including relationship grief and trauma
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • LGBTQI+ community
  • Self-managed NDIS clients
  • Clients with disabilities
  • Therapeutic support for individuals recovering from family violence
  • Clients from wider religious backgrounds
  • Cultural and linguistically diverse clients using English as a second language
  • New immigrants
  • International students

Harshani can conduct session in English and Sinhalese with a good sense of cultural understanding.

For further assistance, please email Harshani anytime.

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