It is understandable that people have difficulties in their relationship or marriage and not everyone can maintain a strong connection throughout their marriage. Over time, partners can tend to evolve emotionally at different speeds and or if a partner is confronted with a life-changing event. … And this is something that is commonly overlooked in relationships – “a marriage is not static, it will evolve.”

Some couples can navigate the natural relationship evolution in harmony while others will struggle with the challenges, the conflicts and the misunderstandings that come with change.

If one spouse is out of sync with the other; typically a breakdown of communication can occur, causing couples to become stuck in a potentially toxic marriage relationship, which if not addressed through marriage counselling can cause individual stress, anxiety, and even depression.

  • Do you and your partner have the same fights over and over again?
  • Do you find yourself wondering where the spark or connection has gone?
  • Rather than having open communication, you ‘shut down’ for the fear of another blow-up?

Marriage counselling sessions can provide the necessary guidance for you and your partner to understand the importance of marriage, make decisions that are more informed, and provide strategies and approaches to help partners accept change. Our marriage psychologists in Melbourne can provide you with a secure environment to take a breath, develop boundaries enabling space to refocus and rebuild  commitment back into your marriage

“A successful marriage is built on an incredibly solid foundation that provides both couples with the vehicle to grow as individuals and as a couple.”

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Your psychologist in Melbourne will provide a safe environment for couples to share your troubles, explore options, discuss strategies, develop a plan, build support and elicit clarity to strengthen your relationship. A consultation with your relationship or couple’s counsellor in Melbourne will help you and your partner develop skills to manage your relationship harmoniously.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling 

It is more beneficial for your marriage or relationship if you consider seeing a marriage counsellor when the differences of opinion or issues in your relationship are in the initial stage of conflict rather than seeing a psychologist when the problems have become irreconcilable. The more you invest into the process of marriage counselling, the more you will benefit from it.

Marriage counselling sessions can provide many benefits to both partners including:

  • Bringing clarity to your marriage
  • Setting the stage in a safe neutral environment where each individual can begin the process of breaking down barriers, learning new strategies and acquiring a new skill set to rebuild your commitment to each other and subsequently to your marriage
  • Improve your communication levels with your spouse in way that each person knows how to engage with each other in a respectful way
  • Gaining more confidence in how you manage your relationship
  • Effectively manage unpleasant feelings and negative thoughts

Pre-martial Counselling

You can also seek counselling assistance before marriage. A counselling session before marriage can help you nurture necessary skills to manage personality differences, gain a clear idea about your wants and needs, and gain a better understanding of shared values to make a long-term commitment to your partner.

Counselling in Melbourne’s Clinical and Counselling Psychologists have a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to help our clients overcome issues in a relationship or a marriage. We can help you get a better outcome from marriage counselling so you’re able to enrich your relationship with your spouse to strive for a harmonious life together.

If your relationship or marriage is going through a rough patch and if both partners want to make it work rather than face separation or divorce?… Marriage Counselling Melbourne should be considered.
There is no stigma to having marriage counselling sessions before the conflict gets to the point of no return,  take the first step and talk to us or schedule an appointment for marriage counselling in Melbourne, Call 1300 967 734!

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