Melbourne Life Direction Counselling

Get help finding life direction.

Finding the right direction in life is an existential problem that all of us face at some time.

Whether you’re fresh out of university and figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your 20s and beyond, or you’ve realised your existing lifestyle you’re living no longer “does do it for you”

Sometimes we can feel lost, stuck and confused which life direction counselling can help explore other options. We might have mixed feelings about a particular course of direction or about our relationships, hopes in life, career, and other aspects of life. Feeling ‘off course’ can stir feelings of emptiness, anxiety, frustration, confusion, restlessness, irritability and tiredness. Sometimes we might feel like we’re living our life for other’s approval such as our parents, partners or peer pressures. Sometimes our hopes conflict or we might feel paralysed by fear of moving forward due to perceived risk, uncertainty and loss of familiarity leading one to feel vulnerable of anxiety and depression.

Lack of life direction can be treated

If a person wants to change their life, but without setting any goals or a creating a road map to get there, means the person will have no direction or a starting point and may spend many hours of self-pitying and further procrastination of no action, which will further hamper their clarity, confidence and wellbeing…

“We all deserve to enjoy life without feeling like we have an anchor tying us down”

In a caring and non-judgemental space, Counselling in Melbourne life direction counselling is helpful to:

  • explore mixed feelings associated with various attachments, goals and hopes
  • explore a sense of self: likes, dislikes, possible interests and dreams
  • explore one’s values so one feels their living more aligned to their ‘true self’
  • break down steps towards achieving goals and bolster self-confidence in achieving these
  • improve relationships, conflict resolution and assertiveness training to help communicate needs and possible change
  • problem solve perceived risks and barriers to change
  • promote happiness, calm and gratitude towards one’s life.

A Counselling in Melbourne life direction psychologist will partner and assist you to gather your thoughts, develop a strategy and give you the self-confidence and belief needed to put your thoughts into actions and break the procrastination cycle. Please call us on 1300 967 734 or book online.

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