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Counselling can help get your marriage back on track.

It’s common for couples to have difficulties in their relationship or marriage, and not everyone can maintain a strong connection with their partner throughout their marriage.

Over time, partners can tend to evolve emotionally at different speeds, due to different events in their life. This is something that is commonly overlooked in relationships – “a marriage is not static, it will evolve.”

Some couples can navigate the natural relationship evolution in harmony while others will struggle with the challenges, the conflicts and the misunderstandings that come with change.

If one spouse is out of sync with the other; typically a breakdown of communication can occur, causing couples to become stuck in a potentially toxic marriage relationship, which if not addressed through marriage counselling can cause individual stressanxiety, and even depression.

  • Do you and your partner have the same fights over and over again?
  • Do you find yourself wondering where the spark or connection has gone?
  • Rather than having open communication, you ‘shut down’ for the fear of another blow-up?

Marriage counselling sessions can provide the necessary guidance for you and your spouse to understand the importance of marriage, make decisions that are more informed, and provide strategies and approaches to help partners accept change.

“A successful marriage is built on an incredibly solid foundation that provides both couples with the vehicle to grow as individuals and as a couple.”

Our experienced team of psychologists and marriage counsellors provide a safe environment for couples to share your troubles, explore options, discuss strategies, develop a plan, build support and elicit clarity to strengthen your relationship.

A consultation with your relationship or couples counsellor will help you and your partner develop skills to manage your relationship harmoniously.

What is marriage & couples counselling?

Marriage counselling is a psychotherapeutic approach designed to help couples develop the skills they need to resolve their marital problems and rediscover the joys of a fulfilling relationship.

In other words, marriage counselling isn’t the solution to your marital problems but the guide that helps you find and implement the right solutions, based on the goals that you and your partner wish to pursue.

One of the primary purposes of marriage counselling is to help the couple learn the art of communication. Once they develop a healthy and active communication style, married couples can build and maintain a positive and lasting relationship.

Throughout the whole therapeutic process, the marriage counsellor is both a therapist and an educator. His/Her aim is to provide a safe space where both spouses feel comfortable enough to express emotions, give voice to their worries, and know each other on a deeper level.

Having the opportunity to listen and be listened can give spouses a different perspective on the problems they might be dealing with. And a different angle gives rise to insightful solutions.

All and all, marriage counselling is the journey toward discovering and reinventing yourselves as individuals and as a couple.

When to seek marriage & couples counselling?

Most couples who arrive in marriage counselling usually experience a lot of pain and distress. In other words, people tend to resort to therapy when all other options fail.

There are also cases when married couples request therapy because they wish to improve their relationship, and that allows them to address potential problems before things take a turn for the worse.

With the help of a licensed counsellor, couples can develop the skills they need to:

  • Become active and empathic listeners
  • Improve their communication styles
  • Express their needs, desires, and expectations
  • Develop the courage to make positive changes
  • Cultivate intimacy
  • Resolve their conflicts in a healthy and non-aggressive manner
  • Identify and solve their personal problems in order to build and maintain a relationship based on equality and mutual respect.

The moment you feel like your marriage is going through a rough patch is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with a counsellor.

Pre-marital Counselling

You can also seek counselling assistance before marriage.

A counselling session before marriage can help you nurture necessary skills to manage personality differences, gain a clear idea about your wants and needs, and gain a better understanding of shared values to make a long-term commitment to your partner.

Our psychologists have a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to help our clients overcome issues in a relationship or a marriage. We can help you get a better outcome from marriage counselling so you’re able to enrich your relationship with your spouse to strive for a harmonious life together.

What to expect at marriage & couples counselling?

Choosing to see a marriage counsellor can be a massive step for both of you. This choice implies admitting the fact that your relationship isn’t perfect, and there’s still much work before you can call yourselves a happy couple.

On top of that, some couples don’t feel comfortable discussing their intimate issues in front of a stranger, even though that stranger is a licensed and trained professional who can provide clarity and practical solutions.

Perhaps taking a closer look at how marriage counselling unfolds will make you feel more comfortable about this process.

As with individual therapy, marriage counselling provides both solutions to your relationship problems and the means to identify them.

Let’s say the dynamics of your relationship have changed, but you can’t really put your finger on a specific problem. Or perhaps you no longer feel comfortable and connected with your partner.

Regardless of the difficulties that your relationship might be facing, our team of counsellors will start by evaluating the current status of your marriage and propose a personalized intervention plan.

The entire therapeutic process will take place in a warm, comfortable, and confidential environment where spouses can discuss delicate aspects of their relationship without having to fear criticism or judgment.

In a healthy marriage, both spouses communicate directly and sincerely, support each other, accept their differences and mistakes, and respect each other’s individuality.

And that’s precisely what our team of professionals can help you achieve!

Common marriage issues

There are numerous reasons why married couples arrive in therapy.

Some wish to address a specific problem that has affected the quality of their interactions while others are looking to improve an already functional relationship.

Some feel like their marriage isn’t what it used to be while others wish to reach a healthy separation.

Some of the most common problems that bring married couples to therapy are:

  • Lack of understanding and communication
  • Lack of love, passion, and intimacy
  • Boredom and routine
  • Disinterest or indifference towards each other
  • Reduced sexual activity
  • Frequent quarrels over important or unimportant matters
  • Financial instability
  • Jealousy and mistrust
  • Infidelity

These are often early signs that couples’ interactions are becoming unhealthy or dysfunctional. This does not mean that a person is to blame, but rather that the relationship itself needs a refresher, and the counsellor’s office is the best place to start rebuilding and strengthening your relationship.

Benefits of Marriage & Couples Counselling

It is more beneficial for your marriage or relationship if you consider seeing a marriage counsellor when the differences of opinion or issues in your relationship are in the initial stage of conflict rather than seeing a psychologist when the problems have become irreconcilable. The more you invest into the process of marriage counselling, the more you will benefit from it.

Marriage counselling sessions can provide many benefits to both partners including:

Bringing clarity to your marriage

  • Setting the stage in a safe neutral environment where each individual can begin the process of breaking down barriers, learning new strategies and acquiring a new skill set to rebuild your commitment to each other and subsequently to your marriage
  • Improve your communication levels with your spouse in way that each person knows how to engage with each other in a respectful way
  • Gaining more confidence in how you manage your relationship
  • Effectively manage unpleasant feelings and negative thoughts

If your relationship or marriage is going through a rough patch and if both partners want to make it work rather than face separation or divorce? Melbourne Marriage Counselling can help – get started today.

There is no stigma to seeing a counsellor for marriage or couples counselling before the conflict gets to the point of no return – take the first step and talk to our highly experienced and qualified team of Melbourne based marriage and couples counsellors:  schedule an appointment for marriage counselling or call 1300 967 734.

Individual relationship counselling Melbourne

If you are seeking individual counselling for relationships, our relationship counselors can also help you work through personal relationship issues without requiring the other party to be present. Through individual relationship counselling, we can assist in helping you work through persistent issues to build and strenghten your relationships – whether that be family, professinoal or friendships.

All of our psychologists are Melbourne CBD based, however we do also offer online counselling for both relationships and other counselling services.


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