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Low self confidence counselling – get the help you need and take control back in your life.

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a vicious circle: people who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful.

Self-confidence is an attitude about one’s ability, sense of control over their lives, and it can include how good they feel about themselves.

Self-confident people trust their own abilities or ability to learn to be able to achieve their goals.

Self-confident people also adjust their expectations so even if their expectations are not met, they don’t internalise feeling like a failure (for long): instead, they continue to be positive and to accept themselves, perhaps trying again or changing their goals.

Self-confidence is not necessarily a general or pervasive characteristic: we all have insecurities but we might feel more self-confident about particular aspects of ourselves or our abilities. For example, one might feel self-confident in an academic, work or sporting context but they might not feel confident about their appearance, social skills or sense of adventure.

People with low self-confidence often hold themselves back from taking risks, are afraid of failure and disapproval from others. They generally do not expect to be successful and may put themselves down, discounting praise from others as they’re so focused on their perceived shortcomings.

Low self confidence can be treated

The good news is that self-confidence really can be taught and can be continually worked on when provided with the right approaches and strategies.

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

Positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your confidence levels.

Self-confidence counselling by using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic Therapy and Assertiveness training help to:

  • improve self-concept so the focus is more on one’s strengths and positive qualities
  • normalise “I’m not good enough feelings” but learn to unhook from letting these thoughts define one’s sense of self and take over one’s attention
  • alleviate anxiety, shame and regrets
  • challenge self-defeating thoughts so that one’s more positive thinking about life and self
  • improve social skills, relationships and ability to be assertive
  • explore personal goals, life direction and boost self-confidence
  • promote happiness and calm

Psychologists are experts in understanding how having low or poor self confidence in childhood and adolescents can affect adults later in life. Speaking with a psychologist can provide you with tools to lead a happier and fulfilling life. Poor self-confidence can often lead to behavioural problems. By increasing children, adolescents and adults self-confidence to better get along with others, can often further reflect on how they perform at school, work and in their own relationships.

By partnering with a counselling psychologist, we will work with you to achieve the outcomes you deserve, please call us on (03) 9376 1958 or book online.

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