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Counselling is not just for people struggling with relationship, stress or major life transitions, it is to help improve an individual or couples Clarity, Confidence, and Wellbeing. At Counselling in Melbourne, your Melbourne CBD Psychologist will partner with you, and together they will share your troubles, explore options, discuss strategies, develop a plan, build support, elicit clarity and encourage your strengths. If you want to change your mind, to change your life, your psychologist in Melbourne will get the outcome you deserve.

Why Counselling in Melbourne?

Perhaps you have been thinking about having to counsel for a while. One day you feel really low and want to speak to someone as soon as possible. The next day you feel a little better and the thought of contacting a counselor goes away. However, more often than not, the issues that made you feel low are still there and you inevitably feel worse again in a few days’ time.

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About Us

Clients come to Counselling in Melbourne to seek exceptional outcomes.

Established in the Melbourne CBD in 2007, Counselling in Melbourne is a boutique private practice whose team of clinical and general psychologists strives to work with their clients in Richmond, Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne to achieve long lasting change using various approaches, therapies, and treatments.

Counselling in Melbourne’s excellent reputation within the general practitioner community is acknowledged as our psychologists get the results their patients want for increased clarity, confidence and well-being.

Our clinical psychologists are career professionals. Each psychologist at Counselling in Melbourne has had many years of experience and extensive exposure to a vast diversity of clients in the public and private sectors before joining our private practice.

Our Melbourne CBD psychologists offer their expertise to clients in a safe, secure and confidential environment.

Top 5 things you to need to know:

  • Counselling in Melbourne is a private practice (no bulk billing)
  • Our psychologists have a minimum of 10-years’ experience in the public and private sectors
  • Our psychologists are outcome driven
  • Client outcomes can be long lasting
  • Excellent reputation with the general practitioner community

Key Areas of Speciality

Our Clinical and General Psychologists in Melbourne specialises in the following areas of Counselling:


A key focus for our team and clients is the client-practitioner relationship and as the relationship develops, the practitioner might decide to use a combination of evidence-based therapies rather than one core therapy.

All Psychologists Are Registered

Psychology Board of Australia
Australian Psychological Society
The Australian Clinical Psychology Association
Medicare Easyclaim