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Our team

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Poorni Selvaraja - Psychologist at Counselling in Melbourne

Poorni Selvaraja

Clinical Psychologist 

BA(Psych); Hons(Psych); MPsych(Clinical)

Amelia Cambrell - Counselling in Melbourne Psychologist

Amelia Cambrell

Senior Psychologist & Counsellor

BA; BSc (Hons); M Psych (Counselling); Dip Clin Hypnotherapy

Dr Malcolm Winstanley-Cross - Psychologist at Counselling in Melbourne

Dr Malcolm Winstanley-Cross

Senior Psychologist

BA (Hons) Psychology, MA (Hons) Clinical Psychology, PhD

Harshani Algiriya Masters in Counselling and Psychosocial Support at Counselling in Melbourne

Harshani Algiriya

Senior Counsellor

BA, PG(Counselling), MA(Counselling), ACA – Level 3

Garry Thomson

Garry Thomson

Senior psychologist

B. Arts (Hons), M. Arts (Clin Psych)

Counselling in Melbourne

Top 5 things you need to know


Counselling in Melbourne is a private practice (no bulk billing)


Medicare rebates can be processed after your session


Conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD


Our psychologists have a minimum of 10-years’ experience in the public and private sectors


Client outcomes can be long lasting

About us

Clinical and general psychologists and counsellors in Melbourne’s CBD.

Counselling is not just for people struggling with relationships, stress or major life transitions, it is to help improve an individual or couple’s Clarity, Confidence, and Wellbeing.

At Counselling in Melbourne, our psychologists and counsellors will partner with you, and together they will share your troubles, explore options, discuss strategies, develop a plan, build support, elicit clarity and encourage your strengths.

If you want to change your mind and change your life, our team of qualified and experienced psychologists and counsellors can help you get the outcome you deserve.

Changing minds, changing lives

How can our trusted team help you?

Perhaps you have been thinking about having counseling for a while. One day you feel really low and want to speak to someone as soon as possible. The next day you feel a little better and the thought of contacting a counselor goes away. However, more often than not, the issues that made you feel low are still there and you inevitably feel worse again in a few days’ time.

Our team of Melbourne based clinical psychologists, general psychologists and counsellors can help you by working through your mental health challenges using evidence-based therapies, with a focus on long-lasting positive outcomes.

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Why choose Counselling in Melbourne?


Excellent reputation with the general practitioner community


Our psychologists and counsellors are career professionals and outcome driven


Established in Melbourne’s CBD since 2007


Counselling sessions are held in a safe, secure and confidential environment


Our Clinical and General psychologists and Counsellors are fully registered


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Our Clinical and General Psychologists specialise in the following areas of Psychology & Counselling

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Relationship Grief Stage 2: Anger

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Relationship Grief Stage 2: Anger

Relationship Grief Stage 1: Denial

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Relationship Grief Stage 2: Anger

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